Johnson lives in Atlanta and needs only to open his mouth for anyone to know he is a son of the South. He has started three companies since earning a bachelor’s degree from the University of Tennessee in 1991. He also holds a graduate degree from Villanova University with highest honors.

President, CEO, CFO, COO, EIEIO, Chief Bottle Washer, Executive Coffee Maker, Senior Engineer of Trash Removal, Son, Brother, Friend, Daddy Bear, Husband, & Author


Phone:  678-797-1898

Address:  PO Box 250417 Atlanta, GA 30325

Johnson is an accomplished entrepreneur and speaker. He has a proven track record creating and implementing business development strategies in multiple industries.

Into the Black, Johnson's first novel, was released in 2012. His follow up novels, A Firecracker named Trisha Kay Jones and The Mayor & the Ghost are in editing. Together, these three novels complete The Backbone Trilogy.

What John Grisham does with lawyers, Johnson does with business owners. His novels are best described as entrepreneurial fiction. If you are considering entrepreneurship, or you have already been afflicted, or you just like southern literature, Johnson's novels are a must read.