Brian is an accomplished entrepreneur and speaker. He has a proven track record creating and implementing business development strategies in multiple industries. Whether they include advertising, marketing, direct sales, or trade shows all strategies should be tailored to individual business models with measurable results. 

Into The Black, Brian's first novel, was released in 2012. His follow up novel, The Mayor & The Ghost, will be available Spring of 2015. Stephen King once said; "write about what you know." Brian knows business development in small to midsize companies. His novels are probably best described as entrepreneurial fiction. What John Grisham does with lawyers, Brian does with entrepreneurs. 

Brian lives in Atlanta and needs only to open his mouth for anyone to know he is a son of the South. He has started three companies since earning a bachelor’s degree from the University of Tennessee in 1991. He also holds a graduate degree from Villanova University with highest honors.


Phone:  678-797-1898

Address:  1519 Carroll Drive,Suite 200

                  Atlanta, GA 30318

President, CEO, CFO, COO, EIEIO, Chief Bottle Washer, Executive Coffee Maker, Senior Engineer of Trash Removal, Son, Brother, Friend, Daddy Bear, Husband, & Author