“Into the Black, A Tale of True American Pedigree is a compelling read.  The story is unique, the book well written.  Dialogue and word pictures kept me engaged and entertained.  And the message is valid!” 

Tom Ziglar, President and CEO of Zig Ziglar, Inc.

"Into the Black captures the entrepreneurial spirit perfectly. If you want to know what it is like, read this book.  If you want to understand where jobs come from, read this book.  Mr. Johnson captures the Ayn Rand philosophy in a way that will inspire you. I was surprised to laugh and cry.  I cannot recommend this book highly enough."

Jim Beach, Author and Host of School for Start Ups

“Hang on, slow down, and reflect on a riveting journey… a gentle reminder of why we are here and where we are going.”

Deborah Phillips, PHD at Georgia Institute of Technology & University of Georgia

If Ayn Rand and Dale Carnegie had a love child, his name would be Ken Briece, and this is his story!

What is the single most powerful thing in the universe? What is the most important responsibility of a human being? When does a child become an adult? Why is now the greatest time in history? What is true American pedigree? How are jobs created? Why does profit matter? How hard is to be successful? How many hours a week do the 1% really work? What’s more important than working for a wage? And most importantly... which came first, the chicken or the egg?

“Atlas Shrugged is no longer my favorite book.  Into the Black is a modernized Atlas Shrugged on steroids. Great read!” 

Kip Marlow, Host of Entrepreneurs Club Radio

President, CEO, CFO, COO, EIEIO, Chief Bottle Washer, Executive Coffee Maker, Senior Engineer of Trash Removal, Son, Brother, Friend, Daddy Bear, Husband, & Author

“A captivating and moving novel, carefully crafted with intertwining stories that create an element of constant surprise. The unexpected treasure in this touching novel lies in its author’s commitment to core principles and values of life that are woven throughout the book. This is much more than a great story, it is an inspiration!”   

Wendy Johnson, CEO of Dale Carnegie / Georgia 

“I have read many stories that intrigue and continuously draw the reader on to the next page. Rarely do I read one with such fascinating and believable characters.   We know them.  We understand their journeys, hopes, dreams, fears and struggles because we have similar ones. First time novelist, Brian Johnson weaves a wonderful tale of a quest for authenticity in life. His words generate vivid images and a breadth of emotions. Savor the journey... and let’s hope Brian Johnson blesses us with another novel soon.”

Tim Morrison, Author and Host of Write Here Write Now

"Brian Johnson bursts on the scene with a fresh, authentic voice in a long tradition of southern writers. The compelling message, deft characters, and engaging storytelling of his debut novel engaged me until the final page."  

Jeffrey Small, author of The Breath of God and The Jericho Deception

"A casual encounter with a stranger at the airport develops into a heartfelt story of friends and family. A truly enjoyable read."
Alan Butler, Host of Butler on Business  

The first installment of The Backbone Trilogy.

  1. Into the Black
  2. A Firecracker Named Trisha Kay Jones
  3. The Mayor and the Ghost